Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wicked fast ride... and ants.

Well, a nagging heel pain has erupted into a blinding heel pain virtually overnight so RW has jerked all the running out of my schedule for a while and I have to do that which I hate..... STRETCH.  And not just any stretch, calf and foot stretches.  I am not inclined to argue when the pain is bad enough at times to prevent me from refueling after a ride because I am afraid I will be sick. 

After today's ride, I stretched and stretched and stretched some more.  Then I ate my banana. 

Then I noticed that I had done all that stretching while standing on an ant hill.  The little bastards waited until they had all crawled into the cracks and crevices of my shoes before snacking on my flesh, alerting me to their presence.  So after my ride and my stretching, I danced a little jig.  ANTS, ANTS, ANTS!!!!

But still, the ride was fast... 20 mph average, 27 max.  I was feeling good, attacking on hills, and pulling long stretches at a 20-22 pace.  (Yes, I know this was not a race but I am not the only one that gets aggressive on this ride.)  Right as I started to tire, the pack behind us caught up at a long light.  They were fresher and I got to grab a wheel for a while.  The pace stayed crunchy and I felt strong heading up the hills back to the cars.  It was totally exhilarating and I feel fantastic right now.

Tomorrow I leave for DC and Raleigh for a short business trip.  Here's to hoping I can grab at least one chance to ride the W&OD trail near Leesburg.  I hear it is fantastic riding. 

In the meantime, I can't actually put much weight on this foot.  So raise a glass to running... AND WALKING like a Duck!  Cheers!

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