Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Since the Duck is now sidelined, I have no comments on training.

There was a really wicked thunderstorm near Houston today.  I was driving back from a clients barn and it was in full view for the entire the hour long drive back.  The lightning was truly spectacular.  Sometimes nature really knows how to put on a show.

One more week of work here then I head to Florida and drive the moving truck back to TX.  It is getting closer and closer to being real.  I can't remember being this nervous when I moved to Florida, but then I did not anticipate missing Kentucky.  I do anticipate missing Florida.  Fortunately, I am good at finding the good in things and I think Austin will make it easy.

Wish me luck!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Change. Yes, more change.

Before I start this post I need to acknowledge the hard work of a good friend.  She just placed second in the Escape to Miami triathlon!!  Go J!!

Another week of work is in the books and I get to enjoy three... read it THREE... days of rest.  Normally I would be planning several long, hard workouts but with this injury, I am planning to rest and go for a leisurely bike ride.

Now since there is more to life than swimbikerun (no, I am not kidding), I am also planning to go to Austin to sign my lease and pick up the keys to my new place.  The duck will be in the wind no more.

YAY!  YIPPEE!  WOO HOO!!  ahem... I mean.... Yay!

I am gambling a lot, spending all my recently earned money to relocate myself to Austin.  I'll be leaving my beloved south Florida and becoming a Texan.  I have picked up some clients in Texas and hope to have a steadier year round circuit instead of the seasonal work that Florida offers.

Austin is a great town for cycling and triathlon, as well as live music. I am trying hard to keep my focus forward and look to the things that the future offers rather than the things I leave behind.  For sure, there are a lot of things that I will miss but if I dwell on those things, I will never be able to be happy going forward.

Forward.  It is the ultimate concept in training horses.  It is the only direction a bicycle will go.  It is how life is lived.

Kiss the sky.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Duck Drool!

So... I cannot afford a bike right now.  But I really, really, REALLY want one.  Quintana Roo had the nerve to make the 2012 CD0.1 Ultegra in a very sexy black and.... wait for it.... LIME GREEN!  This duck might be in love.  In love, in an Everybody- Loves- Elmo- Christmas- season- gotta- have- that- Cabbage- Patch- Kid- did- you- SEE- the- new- Beanie- Baby-! kind of way.  Now I never wanted an Elmo or a Beanie Baby and decided that the Vegetable Patch made lousy dolls after my first born, but I WANT THIS BICYCLE!  It's my lime green dream come true.

But now is not the time to buy a new bicycle seeing as how I need a place to live and all.

SO I will wait.  And pine for my beautiful geared mount... until it is discounted at the end of next year.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Duck in the Wind

I am still traveling.  This summer has brought me to the edge of the Grand Traverse Bay, the fields and farms of the Bluegrass region, and now to Texas hill country.  I had a week off between Kentucky and Texas and spent some serious quality time in the state and national forests between Lexington and Dallas. Hiking and trail running renewed my love for the run.   My foot seemed inclined to forgive me my indiscretions as well.

However, after arriving in Texas, renewed and refreshed... feeling strong, I attempted a short, slow run one night on a treadmill.  My ankle and foot flared up worse than ever and I am coming to the realization that if I am able to run again, it won't be for a very long time.  Night after night, working on my feet, the injury has gotten progressively worse.  I am deeply concerned about the state of the Achilles tendon, which unlike plantar fasciitis, can get worse and result in a rupture which would prevent me from working as well as working out.  I am reluctantly taking the need for R&R seriously.

There is a lot of upheaval in my life right now and I am considering a move to alleviate the volume of travel while increasing my workload.  Hours spent in the car are neither profitable, productive or enjoyable.  If I sacrifice proximity to the ocean and living every day under the shade of coconut palms, I may be able to improve the overall quality of life.   These are the big questions and I need a few long hours on the bicycle to figure it out.

It's fine for dust to be in the wind, but these days, I am in the wind.  The feeling is both disconcerting and liberating at the same time.