Sunday, September 25, 2011

Change. Yes, more change.

Before I start this post I need to acknowledge the hard work of a good friend.  She just placed second in the Escape to Miami triathlon!!  Go J!!

Another week of work is in the books and I get to enjoy three... read it THREE... days of rest.  Normally I would be planning several long, hard workouts but with this injury, I am planning to rest and go for a leisurely bike ride.

Now since there is more to life than swimbikerun (no, I am not kidding), I am also planning to go to Austin to sign my lease and pick up the keys to my new place.  The duck will be in the wind no more.

YAY!  YIPPEE!  WOO HOO!!  ahem... I mean.... Yay!

I am gambling a lot, spending all my recently earned money to relocate myself to Austin.  I'll be leaving my beloved south Florida and becoming a Texan.  I have picked up some clients in Texas and hope to have a steadier year round circuit instead of the seasonal work that Florida offers.

Austin is a great town for cycling and triathlon, as well as live music. I am trying hard to keep my focus forward and look to the things that the future offers rather than the things I leave behind.  For sure, there are a lot of things that I will miss but if I dwell on those things, I will never be able to be happy going forward.

Forward.  It is the ultimate concept in training horses.  It is the only direction a bicycle will go.  It is how life is lived.

Kiss the sky.


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