Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Duck Drool!

So... I cannot afford a bike right now.  But I really, really, REALLY want one.  Quintana Roo had the nerve to make the 2012 CD0.1 Ultegra in a very sexy black and.... wait for it.... LIME GREEN!  This duck might be in love.  In love, in an Everybody- Loves- Elmo- Christmas- season- gotta- have- that- Cabbage- Patch- Kid- did- you- SEE- the- new- Beanie- Baby-! kind of way.  Now I never wanted an Elmo or a Beanie Baby and decided that the Vegetable Patch made lousy dolls after my first born, but I WANT THIS BICYCLE!  It's my lime green dream come true.

But now is not the time to buy a new bicycle seeing as how I need a place to live and all.

SO I will wait.  And pine for my beautiful geared mount... until it is discounted at the end of next year.

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