Wednesday, July 18, 2012

VASA Rocks!!

My shoulder injury (from the bike crash) has kept me out of the water for two weeks now.  This has meant that there has been increased focus on the bike and run.  The bike has been interesting since there is a new toy:  POWER METER!!!  Yikes!  No sandbagging for this duck any longer.

But more importantly, I feel like I have turned some kind of corner with the running.  Suddenly, I began having god run after good run, each better than the last.  I am handling my long and fast work easily and wanting more.  I am looking forward to it as a fun experience rather than a chore to slog through.

I had a two hour bike ride on the schedule for tonight but the loaner shoes had bruised my ankles and cut into the soft tissue so badly on yesterday's long ride that I got about 15 minutes into the ride and had to limp home.  The pain was blinding!  So without a second thought, I shot DW a text, rotated Friday's workouts to today and changed into running clothes.

On a whim, I took the VASA trail instead of the TARP (a paved multi-use trail) trail today.  It was a fabulous hike/mountain bike trail through the woods (northern Michigan style- deep and beautiful) and the run was epic!  I did 7.8 miles and it was over in a blink.  I was running fast and light, not even feeling fatigued until the last sandy hill at the end.  I loved every minute of it and at the end felt like I could take on the world.

On one of my runs about a week ago, I clicked over into a slightly more athletic way of traveling.  I am picking up my feet a little differently.  Not just more quickly but in a different way.  I am not sure how to describe it other than to say "lively".  I can certainly push me to a higher heart rate but I think it is the doorway to faster running and since I seem to be adapting to the elevated intensity just fine, I am going to roll with it!  It is the difference between a pained shuffle and a brisk run.  The latter is exhilarating, fun, and something I want to do over and over.  It's also about a minute and a half faster per mile for the same perceived effort.

Not sure what to make of this but I like it.  I'll take it!

A GIANT shout out to my friend Scott who just finished Badwater in 38 and change!!  Dude, you are out of control in the best possible way.  Keep redefining amazing for the rest of us mortals!


  1. It's been fun to read as your confidence seems to have grown in the last few months (despite the bike crash). The "lively" running -- maybe an increase in cadence?

  2. I am not sure. Before when I would increase my cadence it was like I was just shuffling faster. Now it's like I am getting more energy return and spending less time on the ground. I am also tracking straighter. I am aware of this because the big, fat bruise on my hip hurts when I run any other way. If I let the form slip, the hip starts screaming so whenever I feel pain, I tighten up and run faster. It makes the pain go away. Go figure!!

  3. Also, thanks for the comment about the confidence. I would have to agree. It feels really good.. I feel really good.. all the way around.