Friday, February 15, 2013

Double Century (plus one) Post!!

Well, due to rain and the show schedule I have an unexpected night off from work tonight.  I made a appointment to go pick up my new aerobar extensions and have the bike refitted in the morning.  (Basically, the parts and the fit are trashed and every day I try to salvage it or mourn it is a day lost training and living my life.  On with it!!)  I am taking a risk postponing my interval work on the bike until this is done as I will be tired but I don't think I can get through a hard workout with the current set up and not risk injury.  I am going to take a long nap after the laundry is finished so that I can handle being awake that long.  After all, I still have to work tomorrow night.

So as I write this, reflecting on the fact that 24 hours ago I was having a total meltdown about everything, I am drinking a beer (gluten free, of course and don't judge... I'm off tonight!) and feeling pretty good about life.  What changed, you ask?

I got a win. It was a small thing that just made me see that the sky was not falling.  SOMETHING went right.  This morning after work, I went to the pool and did that swim workout that I couldn't do the day before.  I did it.  It was not 100% pain free but as close as I get with my shoulder.  It was a good swim, with some fast work in it, for a total of 2650 scy.  It felt really good and then I did the run that was actually on the schedule for the day and that also went well.  It did not take anything else.

Ok, maybe running into my first coach, RW, and his wife and having them not recognize me because I was "SO SKINNY" (their words not mine) didn't hurt but really, it was the swim itself.  I had done it, my fitness handled it just fine.  My stroke has gotten progressively weaker but that is not surprising considering I have not had any consistent swim blocks since last June.  My set included a two sets of 3 x 100's descending and I started on 1:35 and went from there.  Not blazing but not horrible for a fish with a crippled fin.  But mostly, it was getting it done... no complications, no adjustments, no drama.  Just done.  It made all the difference.

Since I meant to make a fuss about my 200th post, but forgot in all my angst... I'm giving you a laugh for my 201st.  I saw this today and got a most excellent belly laugh out of it.  Enjoy!

Happy Double Century Post!!

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