Thursday, July 25, 2013

Crowder Peas and R.I.C.E.

Downtime plan: Don't panic, don't overdo it, don't kill any stupid people.

Well, I am now a week into my punishment DOWNTIME (it's downtime... downtime.... like vacation!!.... whatever.), and I ran for the first time today.  While I would normally be guilty of dropping everything in favor of the bike because I favor it so much, this time I had a legitimate excuse to alibi the behavior that would have happened anyways.

I had recently had a very painful episode that turned out to be a displaced and locked fibular head with a trapped nerve.  I visit to the clinic followed by a visit to the clinic ruled out and diagnosed the problem but the doc said it was too far gone for her to attempt the manipulation that would bring it back in line.  I was referred to a local OD and she did the deed.  It ended up not being a horrible process and the bone shifted back into position with a satisfying click.  She cleared me to ride that afternoon so I bolted off for a 50 miler.  The following day I was sore enough to feel like it needed a day of rest.  The one nice thing about the whole off-season in the middle of the summer thing? I was able to rest it guilt free.

Tonight, I attempted to run.  I popped the bone back in since it was trying to migrate again and taped the area up to offer some stability.  Then, I made my way out to the VASA trail (the place I saw the bear last year).  With Wilbur in tow, I did the 5K loop plus short out and backs off the loop.  I have no idea how far I ran, only that I ran for a little under 50 mins.  The leg did great, the breathing was much slower to cooperate but the trail is beautiful, challenging, and fun.

Towards the end, a mountain biker attempted to pass me as I ran up a long, steep hill.  It was single track so Wilbur and I stepped off the trail as he went by, honestly grateful for the reprieve since the hill was a bitch!  I then started running again.  A few seconds later, I caught up to him.  We ascended the hill side by side.  When it leveled off, he quickly shifted and rode away but I am pretty sure his ego was laying on the side of that trail.  He didn't quite get chicked by an asthmatic 40 year old woman on foot.... but close enough that he was clearly upset by it.  He went as far as using precious energy to tell me that he was going slow because he was tired from spending the day with his family at the beach.  I would have felt bad for him but my legs were hogging all the oxygen so my brain (the mushy bit responsible for emotions) wasn't getting any at that moment.

At the top of that hill, I turned around and headed back down to pick the 5K loop up again.  I really don't descend on foot any better than I do on a bicycle.  Ok, let's face it.  I'm a klutz.  I was bombing down the hill trying to keep my feet under me when I stepped on a rock and turned my ankle.  It was a sharp pain that didn't go away right off so I decided to treat it like an potential injury.  I was cautious on the trail the rest of the way back and now have that foot up and packed in frozen crowder peas.  I am not sure what crowder peas actually are but they make a great ice pack!

Crowder Peas and R.I.C.E.

Wilbur, on the other hand, is presently so tired that he has slipped off the back of the couch into the window sill... and doesn't care.

A tired dog is a good dog!