Saturday, October 30, 2010

Setting Goals

I got the idea of training for a triathlon in a manner not dissimilar to how one catches a virus.  It happens along, jumps on boards and then just lingers.  I am not a runner.  I KNOW I am not a runner.  I run like a duck.  I am shaped like a Lima bean.  These things might make for a nice dinner but they are not traditional athletic virtues.  Still, as unwelcome as influenza, the idea seeded itself in my brain, admittedly after watching the Kona on TV, and here we are. 

I have enlisted the services of a coach, joined a club, and announced my intentions to the world.  There is no possibility of failing at my task without great humiliation.  (Ego is a great motivator!)  Up until now, I have been working out haphazardly, without real direction.  Today, my coach and I discussed goals and so this seemed like an appropriate time to revisit the blog.

Goal:  A half-marathon and/or Olympic distance triathlon by February.

My training, with all it's ups and downs, will be posted here.  I am not a natural athlete.  I am a somewhat overweight, single, working woman who is nearer to forty than I ever thought I'd be.  (I am not sure what I thought... spontaneous combustion at thirty-five?)  This blog will be honest and be updated daily.  It is my training journal, my confessional, my shoulder to cry on and a place to do some bragging when the time is right.  Most of all, it will be real.

Welcome aboard, it's going to be a tough ride. 

For those of you who are visitors from, there were more technical difficulties than I had the patience to solve.  This is a carryover from that site.


  1. Your the reason why the world still turns

  2. Thank you. You know, that is an intimidating amount of responsibility. Are you sure it is because of me and not the laws of physics? :P