Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween and Hello Dallas.

Yesterday was a disaster, physically speaking.  I turned in an abysmal performance on the bike and (at least in my own mind) humiliated myself in front of better riders.  Note:  self-pity becomes her.

I briefly attended Moonfest, a Halloween street festival, Friday night and didn't get to bed as early as I would have liked.  Still, I wasn't too worried until I woke up at four with stomach cramps.  By the time I left for the ride I was feeling rather lukewarm.  The thirty minute drive to the meeting point required one pit-stop, after which I did feel a little better. 

I started the ride fairly strong and began to feel rather froggy.  I decided to take a turn at the front of the pack.  That worked out well.... for a minute.  Then my stomach came a-knocking.  I ended up fading so badly, I lost the entire group almost immediately.  The thing about cycling is that there is only one way back to the car... pedal.  I settled into a comfortable pace and decided to just finish the ride solo.  Actually, it was kind of a nice mind frame, all pressure was off.  Before I knew it, I had caught up to part of the pack. 

In the end, I deducted ten miles from my planned fifty.  Not terrible. 

Today, I leave for Dallas.  As of today, I will have to let my workouts play second fiddle to my JOB.  Yeah, that thing to which I am beholden no matter how much denial I wield.  I am looking at a 1200 mile drive and have to be there Tuesday night to work.  This is going to be it's own endurance test.  My primary goal... make money.  My secondary goal... don't abandon my workouts completely.  Do something every day, even if I am tired.  If I cannot muster a good workout, a short, easy one will do.  BUT DO IT! 

This is always the test (and the story of my life).  And away we go.  I'll see you in the Lone Star State!!

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