Monday, November 22, 2010

Touch and Go... two days at home!

Well, after two weeks in Texas and a week in Venice, Fl, I am back home for 48 hours.  Then I go charging off to SC for a holiday with the family.  My training in Texas was, on a whole pretty dismal.  I trained some but not nearly enough.  I managed to pick the pace back up in Venice, actually completing the prescribed workouts, though they were mostly running. 

I swam this evening and found out what three weeks out of the water means.  It means that while I may run like a duck, at least at the moment, I swim like an elephant.  I certainly did not feel good in the water.  My form improved over the course of the workout and things did feel smoother but I never achieved better than a plodding pace.  I rode my bike this afternoon and totally misjudged the time of sunset (like it comes as that big of a surprise) and ended up shortchanging my ride.  I am going to ride tomorrow (though I should be running.  One of these days my coach is going to knock me in the head with my workout journal!) with a group which will push me effectively.  I miss my group rides and look forward to them whenever I get home.

At least nutrition is simplified at the moment.  I have a pitcher of water, a few condiments and an onion in the fridge.  I am subsisting on protein powder and veggies (yes, ick is the word you are looking for).  Tomorrow I will have to go hunting for a source of carbohydrates before I fall down!  Did I mention that I firmly believe nutrition is the fourth sport in triathlon? 

On a side note, I am getting a haircut and my nails done tomorrow.  It is a bit of a splurge (which I may regret later) for this time of year but I am going to treat myself.  I have found that my overall sense of wellness and relaxation play directly into my ability to push myself into better workouts.  Yes, I run faster with pretty nails.  I dare you to argue with me.  I don't spoil myself with cookies any longer, so hair and nail services it is!


  1. Elephants are excellent swimmers.
    Listen with all your exuberance and love of life, it's a wonder why you would want to change anything. However, if you survive this grueling regimen, your reward will be well deserved. Semi-Eternal life.