Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I was without an internet connection for a few days.  I am in a fine part of town where the local motel establishment posts signs informing patrons that they have the canine units sweep for bombs and drugs periodically.  Apparently, people like to use these rooms for such things, particularly meth labs.  It's WAAY better than burning down your own home!! 


At least these dogs are not chasing me down a roadway. 

Regardless, I am inclined to keep my workouts confined to the four protective wall provided by the Large Commercial Fitness Club branch in the area.  Feeling froggy can so quickly turn into feeling like Frogger, and I don't care for that feeling.  Still, I have been good and reporting dutifully for treadmill sessions.  Tomorrow I will contact the local bike shops and try to find some areas to ride.  If not, well, treadmills are nice.  After my last session on the bike I am just a little gun (and redneck and dog) shy.

In being without a connection for a couple of days, I am behind in a reading project that I am doing for a friend.  I need to get to it, asap, before I am stuck having to explain my sorry self.

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  1. Sounds like Goat Heaven.
    You always come out on top somehow, so I won't be the one to worry. Say the word and I will seek vengeance in your name.