Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blood, Sweat and Gear!

You know.... they talk about the gear.  They review the gear.  All the tech-heads I train with have the gear.  I have only the most essential gear.  For running, shoes and a $5 watch.  For cycling, bike, helmet, hand-me-down clothes, funky shoes.  For swimming, cheap suit, cheap cap, cheap goggles.  I am more inclined to bring mini baked potatoes to eat on a ride than buy a GU or something similar.  In all, I am inclined to believe that keeping it simple, at least at first, is the way to go.  (read:  I got no cash.)

However, in my temporarily poverty stricken state... which is due in large part to the fact that I got a new job.  This time of year I am primarily helping other people who have decided, in light of the fact that I will not be able to help them during the peak season, to enlist the services of those who will.  So I am in limbo until I start this new job.  Plus I have jury duty next week.  They will offer me a healthy paycheck of $30 a day for every day past the third in exchange for the right to ruin my ability to scare up work at the first real horse show of the year.  We are not even going to discuss what I am considering to get the rent paid. 

On top of this, my car has chosen this week to need mechanical attention.  Not anything that can be ignored... like a check engine light... but rather immediately overheating as soon as it is driven more than two blocks.  I have taken it to the mechanic for repairs and am holding to the idea that it will all work out.  In the meantime, I am glad I have a bicycle.  It is my primary mode of transport these days. 

How, you ask, does the first paragraph relate to the second and third?  Well, stay tuned and all will be explained. 

The thing about gear, even the simple stuff is that it has to work, fit and be adjusted properly or it can do more harm than good.  See, I have this intense multi-sport workout schedule that takes pretty much every ounce of energy to complete. (Yeah, I could point that out to the coach, but I keep thinking I will adapt soon and I HATE to admit defeat.)  And for the most part, all of them take place at one of a few locations ranging from 13 to 18 miles from my lovely home.  And then there is my skeletal job, which is 16 miles away.  Normally, I cover those miles in the car but as you know from the earlier paragraph, that's not working out so well for me right now.  It amounts to a lot of mileage that is outside the regular workout schedule. 

Again, how does this relate to gear?  Well, my bike fit is off by a bit and my running shoes are a year old and in need of replacing.  That, combined with the increased mileage, means that my back has decided to throw in the old towel, on the week that I can't just opt out of riding!!

I am supposed to just do a very easy 1000 yds in the pool today on the heels of completely breaking down and limping out of my interval workout last night.  And I agree, that would be exactly what I need since we all know that back problems are on exacerbated by fully resting.  But I am four miles from the nearest indoor pool and the outdoor pool on the roof of my building would require a wet suit, grease and a support team!


Note to self, get your gear fixed ASAP.


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