Sunday, April 29, 2012

Recipe For Roast Duck

Yesterday was a nice, hot Texas day.  The only thing that was missing was the deep humidity of Florida.  Apparently, I can't feel dry heat.  I would have told you it was high 70's or low 80's (try low-mid 90's) when I headed out for my long run with speed work in the middle.

I did not bring any water since there are water fountains on the trail and I hate carrying anything.  This is fine if it is under 90 degrees but not so fine for what we had yesterday.  I started the run feeling ok, though I had to slow myself down a few times (ease off the gas, you've got a long way to go!) but as things progressed, fine became a memory.  During the third interval, I felt myself blow up and I ended up walking between the third and fourth and after the fourth before the balance of the mileage.  I had passed several water fountains early on because my stomach was upset but later regretted that.  I got really thirsty during the second interval but didn't find water right away.  By the time I spotted one, I was really getting desperate.  I ran up to it only to find it broken, as was the next one I found.  At this point, I knew I might be getting into some trouble.  I kept running but my pace dropped to a crawl.

I eventually did find one… after close to 5 miles.  I got a drink and headed over the bridge.  Of course, lapping water at a water fountain did not give me enough to replenish what was lost.  By the time I got to the other side I was toast.  I started walking frequently and was REALLY lightheaded.  I came to another water fountain, then another maybe a quarter mile further down, where I also ate a gel.  Right after that one was a water station run by a local business (there are a number of these in Austin).  At that one, I was able to drain a cup of water.  This added up to a second wind, unfortunately there was no water for the remainder of the run… another 3.5 miles.  By the end, I was struggling to jog a few minutes between walk breaks.

When I got back to my car, I drained a bottle of water and immediately got stomach cramps.  That actually didn't surprise me so I wasn't too worried but it was a while before I could get my recovery drink into my stomach.  Eventually I did, though not in the recommended thirty minutes.  It was more like an hour and a half.  I then cancelled my plans for the evening and went to bed early.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you roast a Duck!

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