Friday, May 18, 2012

Tyler Group Ride

One of the nice benefits of spending all your time traveling around in a stinky old camper, aside from the fact that you get to feel like you live in a locker room, is the opportunity to ride with tri and cycling groups all over the country.  I meet all kinds of interesting people on these rides.  This week I am in Tyler, TX and had the privilege of riding with the Tyler Bicycle Club.  The ride was a blast, wound through some beautiful farmland, and finished with a meal at Jason's Deli.  The best part was the warm, friendly atmosphere of the group.  I felt very welcome and when I was pulling, they were all great about shouting out directions!

There were some very solid riders in this bunch and as I am continually reminded, never judge a book by it's cover.  Just because you are spotting that guy a couple of decades doesn't mean he is going to spot you even a couple of seconds on that bike!!

There were also a few really interesting people.  One woman was very forthcoming about the fact that she had previously suffered from a stroke.  She considers herself very lucky and is totally humble about the tremendous hurdles she has overcome, relearning speech and getting back to the point where she can really hang in there on that bike!!  It makes me realize that self-pity truly is the most useless emotion.

Next week, the club is holding a time trial.  Provided that I can work it out with my schedule, I plan to be there.  I have never done a time trial or ever taken off with someone holding my bike, and hope... HOPE... that I don't just fall over when they say GO!

Wish a Duck some Luck!!


  1. Isn't it great to find a group on the road? My husband's family is in Michigan and we travel out there often. I found Team in Training (another blog perk) and run with them while on vacation - I've met some wonderful people.

    1. Yes it is!! I have to start making riding and running with others a priority. I push myself so much harder when I can escape the confines of my own head!!

    2. Where in Michigan? I head that way in July and would love to find a training group.