Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tri Rock Austin Update

In the 11th hour, so to speak, I got cleared to race the sprint or do the Olympic if I promised not to do the run.  In my conversation with DW, prior to receiving an answer from the race organizers about switching distances, I had to promise that if I did the Oly, I would leave my shoes at home. He didn't trust me to not run unless it was somehow impossible.  There is a reason why he is a good coach.  He is well aware of when I might try to be crafty and nips in the bud.

In the end, they are allowing me to switch, though given the late notice, I will have to wear my Olympic bib and use my rack spot in the Olympic transition area.  That might be a little weird but I'll manage.  I keep telling myself that so soon after being a little broken, I won't be racing it.  I'll just be running it.  Save the race effort for Galveston and Dallas.  I just keep on telling myself that... Yah.  Sure.  Really.

It is about 40 hours until showtime and the race nerves have shown up right on schedule.