Monday, March 25, 2013

Coach's Wisdom, Grumpy Dwarf, and My New Steed.

Yes, this is what I consider a shovel.

Since my last race, I got myself into trouble with fatigue again.  I forgot my "no excavation equipment" New Year's Resolution.  Fortunately, this time it was not a "season ending, hospital visiting, body damaging" crater but more of a "ruin two weeks of training" hole.  This time finding my limits was like driving down the highway and seeing your exit too late to get over to the lane. You blow by it, go to the next exit, turn around, and chalk up some lost time to not paying attention.  However, it was also a warning shot off the port bow from my body.  A reminder of the consequences of biting off too much, a reminder that I am not invincible... TAKE NOTE.

Note taken.

An email correspondence with my coach included this edict:

"So I'm instituting a new rule for you.

Before you pick up the shovel and carry it with you, ask yourself why?  Why carry that shovel in the first place?  It's only use to dig a hole.  Next time you are thinking of doing something crazy, ask yourself if you've packed a shovel.  If so, drop it."

I responded by pointing out that since I am three apples tall and prone to hairy-ness (thank you Italian genetics), Peter Jackson has determined that I am supposed to carry a shovel.  Without it, the other dwarves would make fun of me.  I also signed my email this morning "grumpy dwarf".

His response?  "Don't be grumpy, you have a P5."

OH YEAH!!  THAT.  I guess I haven't mentioned that.  As you know, Seabiscuit is for sale.  There is a new horse in the stable.  

The New Thoroughbred.

We have a long way to go on the fit.
The front will get a lot lower with a different stem.

This bike is reminding me that I LOVE to ride!

We are still dialing in the fit but so far, it looks like the duck might have finally found the right partner.  A big THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to TJ Of The Pig Buds for making the impossible possible!!

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