Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"The Biscuit" Is For Sale


Lounging before a race.  I was second this day.

ALL of you know I love my bike.  ALL of you know that I have struggled since I got it to master the fit and handling.  The bike is awesome.  The bike is fast.  But since the bike doesn't fit me, it is none of those things once I climb aboard.  After spending every day off for an entire season in and out of shops trying to make it work... after, get this, FIVE professional fits (including two Retul) by the best fitters I could find in three states... after broken bones, concussions, road rash, and a wrecked shoulder (but not a scratch on the bike!)... after enough money in upgrades to buy the bike over again...

I.  Give.  Up.

Seabicuit, in all his awesomeness, is for sale.  (If you are interested, please email me directly with Seabiscuit in the subject line.  I would like him to go to a home.  I do not want to simply dump the bike on e-bay to someone that will not treat him well or appreciate how incredibly cool he really is.  I want someone who will love him and feed him carrots.... wait... maybe not carrots... chain lube?

With the race wheels and red tape.
The cockpit has been upgraded (see below) and it will come with a different saddle and the crankset shown below.
The cage mount between the bars is not included.

I have won on this bike.  I have had an overall fastest bike time, an age group win, and seen the podium for every race (with a bike portion) I have done since I got the bike, there is no doubt the bike is fast, but it doesn't fit me.  It will never fit me and that adversely affects the handling, my comfort, and power output.  It should fit me, I am the right height for the bike, but I have some very odd body dimensions and apparently ride a bike like a frog on a log.  I need more reach and less stack than this bike has to offer. If you are between 5'3" and 5'7" (and are not a frog on a log), this bike will most likely fit you... though I strongly recommend that you confirm your stack and reach needs with a fitter before looking at any bike.  If this bike fits you, it will be all the racehorse you will need.  Just ask the previous owner who took it to Kona! (She was 5'6".)
Kona karma!
I added some podium karma!

 My options are two:  go full custom or buy a bike that is too big with a standard steerer tube and bring the height down by chopping the seat post and inverting the stem.  For now, I am choosing to go with the latter.  Hopefully, I will be able to get what I need without going to a fully customized frame... but more on that later.

Seabiscuit in his training wheels.

2008 Felt B2 Pro (frame replaced under warranty in 2011, low miles)
size: 50cm, 650 wheels
Bayonet 2 fork
matte black carbon with red accents, white lettering (very sharp!)
excellent condition, slight blemish in paint on fork

Full  Shimano Dura-Ace build:
includes new front derailleur, new brake levers, chain
55-42 170 mm Dura Ace crankset (55 translates to a 51 tooth compact  crank on a 650 wheel)
11-23 rear cassette
This is the crankset and bottle cage included.

cockpit: New!
Profile design Prosvet Base bar 40 c-c carbon
T2+ Alloy S-bend extensions uncut
extra roll lizard skins bar tape (red)
includes 70,80,90 mm stems
prior to changing the stem length and pushing the extensions forward.
The cabling has been cleaned up.

race wheels: dream wheels!!
Zipp 404s (deep dish carbon rims w/alloy brake track)
kenda tires w/ 80mm presta valve tubes (no valve extenders to fight with)
Zipp skewers
very light use, race day only
small tear in one of the decals
includes two brand new spare tubes
no cassette

training wheels:
front easton vista sl
rear Felt TTR2
gatorskins tires (new in Jan)
includes three brand new spare tubes
however many cartridges I find laying around for 650.

Felt 3:1 carbon
Wearing red bar tape and the saddle that is included.
Cockpit has been upgraded.

I can include a set of 1 year old Shimano 105 pedals that are scratched but totally serviceable.  I will also include the red bottle cage.  It will be professionally packed and shipped from the bike shop.  Zipps and a few accessories will ship from a different location.  Price includes shipping for all items and pay pal fees.

This bike has been cared for every step of the way and is in amazing condition.  It is set up with everything you need to train and race successfully.

HERE is a review of this bike for this year.

Total package: $3500 shipped CON US.

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