Monday, May 6, 2013

The Face Of Suck!

I went into my last race rested but not fit.  The weeks between this race and the previous had been spotty and inconsistent.  DD did a beautiful job of damage control as I struggled with my thyroid, energy levels, asthma and allergies, work schedule, and a few other issues and I made it to the race.  This was, by itself, something of a victory.  However, it meant that I got off the bike and headed out onto the run with sub-optimal run fitness (keeping in mind that the same circumstances in the past have resulted in major time off, even trips to the hospital).  By the time I came down to the final run where the photographer had positioned himself, I was running on stubbornness alone.  Fortunately, I have that in limitless supply... just ask anyone that has ever had to live with me.

If you were wondering what happens when you race unfit, I'll show you.  This is the face of SUCK!

Coming off the bike.
The roads were so rough that vibration made hands, feet go numb.
Was definitely suffering here.

Thinking this sucks.

Knowing this sucks.

Realizing that this sucks so much even kittens can't fix it.
  The question is... how can someone be in that much pain and make THAT face but still be having fun?  It's one of the great mysteries of the universe.

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  1. How well I know that face of "suck"! So perfectly described too...somehow it is fun. We are a strange lot!