Saturday, August 31, 2013

Stubborn As A Longhorn!!

Not my bike but I wish it was!
Props to the unknown taker of this awesome photo.
Tomorrow morning I leave for Texas.  It feels like 1000 years have passed since I left and nothing could possibly be the same.  I half expect to return to a ghost city inhabited by zombies.  I always feel this way after a long season.  My next two weeks will actually still be on the road, even if they are within Texas borders.  I'm sure they will go quickly and before I know it, I will be heading for Austin.

A lot has happened for me this summer.  I would like to say I am older and wiser.  I know I accomplished the older part but wiser?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  I have not had much sleep due to insomnia for the last four days.  Yesterday, I had a long ride planned but after little sleep, workouts that were harder than intended the previous couple days and not quickly and fully refueling the day before, I was wrecked.  I took a nap, drank lots of water, ate quality food, and nothing.  I felt like death warmed over in an oven.  I emailed Brian that I wanted the day off.  He applauded my decision.  (He wrote 'golf clap' in parenthesis.)

Yeah, funny that.

But good judgement makes me uncomfortable, soooo..... I did this next:

Not to rest on the laurels of good decision making, I resumed my campaign to get permission to do the bike leg of the Austin 70.3 relay.  After such a disappointing season, I thought it would be fun.  A couple members of one of the tri clubs I am involved with were thrilled to pick up the swim and run legs.  But Coach Brain had balked at it.  And by balked, I mean shut the idea down instantly.  I began a campaign of whining through a barrage of emails that would have made any spam bot jealous until I finally wore him down and he grudgingly granted me permission to ride.  The email that finally slew the giant included this image, though I fully admit it probably applies far more directly to myself than to him.

Whose stubborn?
Ran into an old co-worker on this trip and we commented on how far we had both come.
She said "I remember you as being stubborn."
I laughed and said "well that hasn't changed!"

I am a little too tired to celebrate my victory beyond saying:

Thank you.

(Yesssss!!!!!!!  IWONIWONIWON!!)

kidding.  don't change your mind.

His response:
Poor Coach Brain.

I have to admit that while I did not find the prospect of racing 56 miles the least bit daunting, his concern makes me wonder what I am not considering.  I'm not immune to the fact that he's almost always right... about everything.  And I pushed for my way on this like a bull trying to get to grass in the next pasture.  I also know that his agreement was grudging at best and that if I can't hold it together, I am quite sure he will shut the whole plan down.  You know... I trust him and in spite of my relentless assault on his inbox, if he had stood his ground, I would have listened.  Now you can ask anyone who has known me for the length of my stay on this planet, that few people garner that level of ob.... obed....  I can't write that word so just fill in the blank.  (I hope they paramedics that I sent to my mother's house to revive her after reading this paragraph got there and she is feeling better.)

Hook 'em!
Just let me get out of the way first, mkay buddy?
Ah well, enough second guessing.  It is the LONGHORN 70.3!  Bottoms up, Coach Brain.  I'm sure you need it after putting up with me this week.

Go big BATMAN or go home!

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