Thursday, June 16, 2011


Well folks... I was supposed to leave for California on the 1st.  Unfortunately, my car died and needed a proper burial.  The only obvious solution was to purchase a new one.  I did that.  THAT car lasted 12 hours.  I still have not left for California.  I spent ten days in a hotel before my friend/teammate took mercy on me and moved me into her spare room.  Since then, it has been a crash course on living with children.  And I thought triathlon was a challenge!!

Actually, her kids are a delightful pair, intelligent, friendly and a constant source of entertainment.  The other morning I stumbled down the stairs with only one though percolating in my grey matter..... coffee.  I was greeted by a bright and shiny child who was, ahem, in need of a wipe.  I'll leave the rest of the sordid details to the imagination.  I stopped on the stairs, blinked several times like a startled deer, and ran up to find Mommy.  "Mommy" was out on a ten mile run... I was on my own to solve the crisis at hand.  Coffee (whimper) would have to wait.  I am a better person and, as with most of life's challenges, finished thinking that it was really not as difficult as expected.  Consider this duck broken in!

This weekend I am going to run my first triathlon.  I am poorly prepared as I only started back running recently, but the opportunity to run my first race with friends ("Mommy" in particular) and in this lovely state was too good to pass up.  Life lately has been a series of missed races so I decided to go for it.  RW has instructed me to go very easy on the run, walking if necessary, to avoid re-injury.  I will do my best to keep that in the forefront of my mind.  I did an indoor tri session today and got a different water bottle on the bike.  It's all lubed up and ready to go.  The race is four days away and really... butterflies already?

Tail feathers up duck!!  It's time to quit talkin' and start tri-in'!

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