Sunday, May 15, 2011


I was late again this morning.  I was supposed to help set up the booth at the kids triathlon at 5 and rolled in at 5:20.  Why, you ask?  Because I got lost.  Lost in my own neighborhood.  Lost going to a park 3 miles from my house. 

I hate my gps.

If I am going to suffer the humiliation of being late (a feeling I am well acquainted with), I should at least get the benefit of some extra sleep!!

Still, the kids event was fun.  It was crawling with children which is always uncomfortable for me but actually, I really enjoyed it.  The kids ranged from completely focused and impressive to absolutely entertaining.  I mean, seriously, if you have never supervised 5 year olds in the transition area of a race, you haven't lived.  And watching these kids be so fierce and comptetitive on their pink Barbie bikes with streamers and training wheels, that's enough to put you over the edge. 

The best part was the little boy who finished way behind the others because he was the only kid in his division still on training wheels.  When he got to T2, I took his bike and helmet, and members of our Tri Club ran with him, everyone cheering the whole way.   It was like living a lifetime movie.

Oh and the girl who's mom ran her through T2 holding her hand.  She had the biggest grin on her face!!

It was cool.

Now I want to race really badly.

C'mon foot, it's just a little running!

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