Friday, May 13, 2011

Day To Day Today

Today, and the last couple have been blissfully routine.  Totally, completely, wonderfully uneventful.

I just completed my ride... 30 miles in zone 2... and choked down a glass full of strange, green recovery stuff, propped my feet up and pulled out the computer to upload the Garmin data and generally waste time.

You see, I need to grocery shop, so right now I have all of the unflavored essentials for a recovery shake, but nothing that would give it any substance or a decent flavor except a handful of raw spinach.  Raw spinach does not a tasty shake make.  I could be shopping right now, this instant but noooooooo... I'd rather be reveling in my ability to piss away time waiting for the sorry little blended spinach thing to wear off so that I am ravenous when I do shop.

Indeed, the fact that the most interesting thing I have to say right now is that I have nothing to say more interesting than the contents of the above paragraph, should say it all.

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