Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stoopid Foot!

Actually it is not my foot that I am angry with but rather the intruding Plantar Fascitis that has reduced my otherwise dependable wheel to a pitiful, pulsing appendage of misery.

As I write this, I am again disappointed by a shortened Wednesday night run.  I am once again dealing with acute pain in my arch, heel and ankle.  I am reclining on the couch with my leg propped and a bag of frozen soybeans tied to my foot with an old ace bandage.  Pretty picture, eh?

Dinner?  Lima beans.  Plain, unadorned, unaccompanied lima beans.  Ok, so they were supposed to go on a beautiful salad but that requires standing for ten minutes.  That will not be happening!

Still, I am hoping that with my soybean-y diligence and this fancy tape I spent a ridiculous amount of money on this evening, I will have a functioning foot tomorrow.  That would make me happy.

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