Sunday, May 1, 2011


Now that the pity party has been put to "paper", let's hope the duck remembers how to swim. 

I wanted to post again because while this mornings post may have been a little whiny, it was fairly important.  It proved to be a launchpad for a very honest conversation with my sister where I let fly with all my anxiety about the situation. 

Cathartic.  Very cathartic. 

I actually feel a little more in balance with the world and had a very productive day sorting through some paperwork that I do not care to carry with me to my new nest (wherever that may be).  That little bit of organizing alone gave me a little more control over my out of control life.  And that little bit helped.... tremendously.

So aside from a few ruffled feathers, I think there is little harm done.  The duck will be back on her schedule tomorrow.  I am taking the rest of today for cleaning and then relaxing.

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