Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bonkety-Bonk Bonk BONK!!

I rode at The Doghouse, a very cool indoor computrainer center in Delray Beach, with friends.  I turned in a stable effort even though my heart rate monitor was predicting all kinds of cardiac doom and gloom.  (Dear Garmin Overlord, if my heart rate was REALLY 235, I doubt I would be feeling so casual about it.)  As a result, I scrapped my intervals and did Thursdays long ride on several computrainer courses, including Mont Tremblant.  Overall my heart rate stayed pretty steady after the first 20 mins or so (apparently the Garmin Overlord got over it) and my effort was mostly high endurance range.

All that is fine except that I left the little bag of nutrition at home.  I ate fairly lightly yesterday and had very little this morning so by the time I got to the end of the ride, I was toast.  I realized I was in trouble when I couldn't read a flyer or write a check.  It could be referred to as glycogen confusion.  (And here I thought that referred to all of the conflicting dietary information available online.)

I have to work tonight and now I am scrambling to salvage my energy levels.  Unfortunately, I am sitting here with a case of the shakes and an upset stomach.  I don't know what can be done other than eat a meal (it's cooking now!) and try to squeeze in a nap.  A nap would probably help the most.

I am definitely careless with my nutrition.  I seem to handle the discipline when it applies to deprivation but can't get on board when it applies to fueling enough.  Perhaps a little pain at work tonight will encourage me to PAY ATTENTION!!

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