Thursday, January 12, 2012

Feeling Vaguely Like A Snack... Something's Snack.

I am all a flutter with anticipation.  My friend MV, the cycling queen, (kid sister to MVF the cycling fiend) is in town and we are going to ride this weekend and next.  I am soooo excited!!  MV is a former state champ who rode in the women's Tour De France (aka Tour De France Feminin) when it was run over the same course as the men's.  She still races and is no stranger to the podium.  I am warming up my tail feathers for the pending kick-fest.  It will not be the duck doing any of the kicking.

Lately, I have been making a habit of training late at night before I head to work (I work the graveyard shift) and it has led to some interesting experiences.  For starters, there is a different crowd in the pool.  More specifically there is no crowd in the pool.  Still, I was in the middle of a strong swim session the other night and when I got to the wall for a rest interval between 400s, the guy in the lane next to me asked me what kind of fish I was.  HUH?  He said I swim so fast I must be some kind of fish.  I laughed, thanked him and pointed him towards the local triathlon clubs.  I guess it's all relative, still it made me feel good.

Also, lately runs have been solo and in the dark.  I have taken to running in the campground where I am staying, which is actually in the middle of a safari park.  Between the alligators, snakes, and bobcats that are wild in this area and the lions, tigers, and whatever else is in the park,...




(because no bloody Hollywood flick can be without them)


... I keep thinking this is like a scene from a Jurassic Park style summer action flick.  You know, the early scene, where the dumb jogger gets eaten.

Tomorrow I am planning a long sunrise ride on the ocean but for tonight, I have a date with the pool and a run in the park.

(heeeeere...jogger, jogger, jogger)

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