Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What Do My Sinuses And My Sink Have In Common?

Last week I fought a little bit of the flu-like creeping crud and seemed to handle it OK.  By the end of the week though, I probably could have been a little nicer to my body.  I added the missed workouts due to travel and illness back in at the end of the schedule (which right now ends on Monday).  Last night I went to the pool at 8 pm and made the last one up.  I was rather proud of myself for pulling that off until I turned in a poor performance last night and woke up with my crud kicked up a notch.  I realized then that I may have chosen quantity over quality.

(my nose)

I have an off day scheduled today and since today is a day off from work, I will rotate it to a later point in the week.  My plan is to do the offending workout today, followed by a run pulled from the end of the week and give myself some flexibility as the week gets busier.  However, I suspect I may be in need of an R&R day and I should mention that the workout mulligan is not replacing anything, it is simply piled on top.

I should also mention that there is ZERO chance I will take an R&R day today.  My brain is kicking on overdrive and so is the water leak that developed under the sink last night.  I decided that I couldn't deal with it without a cup of coffee so I wrapped it in duct tape which reduced it from a spouting leak to a dripping leak and stuck a bowl under it.  Problem solved (er... sort of?).

(my sink)

What to do.. what to do... What to do?  Go fix the geyser that is drenching the sub floor and assess the workout situation from there.

(this is how you over think a workout)

One final thought... I have heard of these athletes that live in campers in order to support their ultra ambitious ultra goals and I have one thing to say.  There is NO WAY this is more relaxing or conducive to recovery than a hotel room.  It is, however, quite a bit more interesting.

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