Friday, February 10, 2012

Fierce, Feisty, Feathered!!

Every day this week I have been feeling great.  I'm nailing my workouts and hungry for more.  My energy levels at work have been fantastic.  I even begged DW for some extra workouts on the (fairly conservative) schedule this week.  I can't remember when I last felt THIS good.

It makes me wonder how long I had been rundown prior to getting sick.  Even in the weeks before I got sick, I was just getting by, going through the motions, with little excess energy or passion for the task.  By contrast, this weeks workouts have been full of drive and focus.  I just did a 2.5 hour bike ride where I was sprinting off and chasing cars for fun.  I noticed several times I had a big grin my face and was full of the unbridled joy that made me fall in love with this sport in the first place.  I think I have my mojo back!

I have always been the type of athlete that is pushing the limits.  The limits of my body and the limits of my coach's patience.  I am stubborn as a mule and fiercely competitive, with everything ("Oh HELL NO, birdie!  You did NOT just fly past me!!)  When I am just competing the assignment, especially if I am barely completing it, checking the box, and glad it's over, then there is something wrong.  I think that is as much of a symptom as swelling in a joint or pain in a tendon.  Going forward, I plan to consider my levels of "feisty" a literal gauge of my overall condition and general fatigue.

Needless to say, DW has been very pleased with the workouts that are being uploaded and I expect I will see the bar raised a bit in the next training block.  That is fine with me.  My progress been stagnant since the first of the year. I am really looking forward to sinking my teeth into the upcoming weeks.

Also, for DW and all his athletes racing in Panama this weekend.... GOOD LUCK!!!  I'll shake a tail feather for you!!

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