Monday, February 20, 2012

More On Confidence

After surviving the carnage of last week and having it all turn out okay in the end, I was more than a little ready for some downtime today.  I got up early and ran, then had a good talk with the coach.  That was followed by a wicked strength session with my old friend and former rookie roomie JS (triathlete extraordinaire), then a long, intense body work session aimed at addressing some of the locked up muscles in my body, particularly my hip and shoulders for today.

I am still pondering what the thought processes of the beginning of the week mean and want to update my conclusions.  I realize that I am slowly internalizing and becoming comfortable with the idea of being a triathlete and taking that to the next level.  Where I once felt that I wasn't good enough to treat myself like a true athlete, prioritizing my health, happiness, and well being, I am starting to do that as a standard of living.  By the end of the week, I felt that I was good enough and my dream was worth making substantial change.  Instead of feeling sorry for myself because I have a lot of old injuries, I am just looking for solutions, even when those solutions push me outside of my comfort zone.  I am also now willing to be organized and focused with my time, in part because I now provide myself with quality down time... and don't apologize for it.  It is a very good way to live.  

I don't expect it to be all smooth sailing from here.  Rather I fully expect the journey to continue to demand difficult and sometimes painful change or sacrifice, but I am committed to it and for today (and today is the only day worth considering), I believe in my ability to do what is asked of me.  Going forward into this week, I have a full but (hopefully) not oppressive schedule.  I am planning to take the week head on and be as true to myself through care and disciplined training as possible.  

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  1. It's amazing what auto correct can do to your ideas. JS is my former roomie, though I suppose by default she is also a former rookie because everyone starts somewhere. She is a long way from that now.