Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Change Is Beautiful!

I am happy to report that while I am not sleeping as well as I'd like this week, I got two days of excellent recovery on my days off.  I am trying to get back onto my regular training schedule, even if it is just a maintenance week.  My usual long ride on Tuesday was cut short by a combination of factors.  First, I got a late start because I overslept... YAY!  Then I hit terrible traffic heading down to the beach so by the time I got on the bike, I was going to have to trim a few minutes off the prescribed three hours anyhow.  I headed South on A1A and got a just a couple of miles down the road and there was a road closure.  (Understand that this is a long skinny barrier island with basically on road running north-south.  Detours are not a possibility unless you can get to a bridge and cross over to the mainland roads.)   I did the only thing a girl can do (when faced with a wooden barrier guarded by a grumpy cop), I turned around and headed north.  I was only able to go north for a while when the wind became a squall from the ocean.  Once I was getting wet, I looped back again.  At this point, I had logged roughly an hour, though there had been long breaks while I waited for a gap in the traffic large enough for me to make my U-turns without the assistance of a light.  Aside from really working my bike handling skills in high winds, there was little physical benefit to this ride so I finally packed it in, still happy I was able to get out and spin my pedals.

I have also been thinking about the paradigm shift that has slowly developed in my life thanks to triathlon.  For starters, a good day is a day that is anchored in a good training effort.  It has become the cornerstone of my daily life.  I read somewhere recently that being a pro (the author of the article... NOT ME!) is not just a job, it is a 24 hour commitment.  I think that is true for serious amateurs as well.  I find that anymore making the decisions that will support my training efforts come easily.  I want to eat right, I want to sleep enough, I want to sweat every day, I want to take care of my body and mind so that I can perform at my peak.  I no longer have a time when I workout and then the rest of my day.  I am simply an athlete 24-7 and frankly, it feels great!  I am also acutely aware of the fact that my friends think I'm nuts (in a good way... the others aren't friends anymore.)

Here are a few things that one can expect as triathlon takes over your consciousness like an alien mold:

Your drink order in a restaurant might change:

Your interior decorating might look a little different:

Your patio furniture might change:

You might find yourself being proud of permanent sweat stain on the concrete:

You may begin to find tan lines stylish:

You may show off pics your clean bike like it's a child's graduation photo:

You may find you owe your bike mechanic more than just money after a tune up:

 These are just a few of the clues that you got bodysnatched at the finish line of your first race!!

Isn't change beautiful?

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  1. I like it !
    And this Grumpy Cop that stood in your way was not aware of who you were, so maybe if you smile and wink, the distraction will allow you to ride by, or disable him in some way so that you can escape. Also, that "Burn Out" feeling, I remember from when I used to Rock Climb in the Adirondacs. The feeling is very close to Orgasm. I miss it.

  2. Please note that your cruiser will not be apt to rust unless exposed to moisture for long periods of time.

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  3. A-
    Thanks! I didn't know you used to Rock Climb. Learn something new everyday. Very cool.

    J- Rust has never really been a concern because of the materials but Trigger lives inside except during use for ease of mind. Thanks for the tip though.

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  6. What an inspiring read at this point in my life. Thank you. For everything.