Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rides, Runs, and Thunderstorms!

Today was a good day to be on a bicycle, even one that doesn't fit you.  I met up with some friends and we had a nice ride down a beautiful country road west of Houston.  The weather would have struggled to be any better and the pace of the ride was nice and relaxed.  We had two riders with us that were not up to hammering today for different reasons, so I spent a lot of time sitting on the front just keeping a steady, easy pace.  I peeled off at the end so that I could get my full time in while the rest went back to the coffee shop where we met up for smoothies.  I ran into them when I was done and sat for a chat before riding back to the RV park.

I did find out that when I am not pressing the pace, it is much easier to forget hydration and nutrition.  At one point, I did a short sprint and realized I had no gas in the tank.  That was when it dawned on me that I had consumed less than four hundred calories in six hours and had completed a run and most of a long ride.  Also, I had taken in about 1/3 of a bottle of water in 90 mins.  (Wow, I hope DW doesn't know this blog exists!)  I quickly ate a gel and drank some water but ended up only being able to pick the pace up slightly after leaving the group.  There is a strong lesson here.  Had that been a race, I would have blown it.

I was being petulant, cranky, and stubborn with DW on the phone today.  I have been getting easily irritated by my less than stellar run paces.  He keeps trying to get me to forget the pace and relax into the run.  I keep wondering why I am arguing with him on this point.  I don't want to enjoy running.  I want to get better at it.  I enjoy working hard on a problem and seeing the result of that hard work.  Running is such a thorn in my side because I feel hopeless when I do it.  If I am really focusing on my breath, form, pace, etc, then I am doing my job and the feelings of hopelessness don't take over.

The problem with feeling that way is that I really want to see certain results down the road.  The idea that I will always suck at this scares the daylights out of me.  I get angry because I have a fight/flight instinct that is perversely weighted to the fight side.  When I get scared, I respond with logic, determination/stubbornness, and ultimately, anger.  Ultimately, the solution is, well, working on a solution.

On another note, the drive to Texas was a little bit eventful.  I had to stop in Lake Charles while a big, bad, nasty storm sat just west of me and blew itself out.

Clearly, my co-pilots were not worried.

But travel can still be just exhausting!!


  1. I'm really bad about fueling while on my bike. Running - positively OCD. But on the bike? It frequently doesn't occur to me until I start wondering why I'm so slow and dizzy.

    1. I am the opposite. Two years ago, I thought five dates and a 16 oz bottle of water should be sufficient for a half-marathon (you don't even want to know the final time). I don't even bring water if the run is less than an hour and aside from that race, have never fueled on a run, even ones that have exceeded 15 miles. On the bike, I will at least attempt to fuel properly and get really focused on it if I am going hard. I think for me, I feel like a pretender if I fuel on the run because I am going sooooooo slow!! It seems kind of stupid now that I put it here.