Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bringing You Up To Speed.

Monday I drove to Austin for a doctor's appointment and to meet with the Austin Area Triathlon Meet-Up Group.  I took over organization of this group in September to alleviate some of the isolation of my lifestyle, to make connections, and to have a project while my athletic well-being was going up in smoke.  As it turns out, I am really enjoying the work.
The Duck is in appropriately colored duck-foot shoes (orange-yellow)

We had a double event.  The first was a running form clinic at Luke's Locker.  It was basic but didn't offer anything overly trendy or dangerous.  It was run by a local athlete/coach named Raul Garcia.  (Former workout buddy of Leo Manzano, the Olympic silver medalist, who I met not long ago.  Raul knew his stuff.)  He discussed the advantage of a high cadence, the biomechanics involved in different types of foot strike, posture and lean, etc.  We did some exercises to illustrate various points and he also filmed each of us running shod and barefoot.  He played the video back in slow motion then found a freeze frame where he analyzed each of the clinics topics as they pertained to that person.  It was enlightening and informative.  Apparently, the duck has very good running mechanics.  I find that slightly depressing because it implies that I am just slow... and for no good reason.

Then the second part of the even was a group of triathletes descending on Baby Acapulco's on Barton Springs.  This is basically a part of the Austin woodwork and a great little Tex-Mex place.  I had to drive back to Houston afterwards so I did not take part in one of their signature purple margaritas.  Several of the others did though and we all had a great time.

Yesterday, I took the bike over to Bicycle World (on Rice Rd.) and dropped it off.  When I see it again, the entire cockpit will be different... right down to the color of the bar tape.  Seabiscuit has always worn red and now it will be white.  (I harassed each and every long suffering soul in that bike shop while making THAT decision!)  I don't know how  it will look but perhaps it will lighten his attitude a bit and he will stop bucking me off!  He comes home Sunday night.
Bye, bye red... hello black and white.

By the end of the day, I was so sick with the creeping crud going around the horse show that I took the night off of work.  Even though no one else got all that sick, my traumatized immune system felt the need to have a meltdown.  No molehills around here... Only MOUNTAINS!!

Today, I got the results of my blood work back and the doc feels that perhaps some of the results may be why I feel so terrible so much of the time.  He has decided to take a proactive approach to treating it.  Fingers crossed, this could be a turning point for me.

I also tried a pomelo.  It is a fruit similar to the grapefruit that is as big as a cantaloupe and has a flavor that tastes the way some flowers smell.  I realized at the store this week that I hadn't tried something new in a WHILE.  It was rather tasty.
This thing is HUGE!

Then this evening, I got over my creeping crud enough to enjoy a light swim and strength workout.  Nothing crazy... a handful of 200s and a short posterior chain/core routine.  Just enough to get the blood pumping and leave me craving Pho.  Huh?  Oh yeah, did I ever mention that I love Pho.  I am so glad more and more places are leaving out the gluten.  It is a primo indulgence!

Well, there you have it.  You are now up to speed.  :)

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