Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ah, So It Has Come To This.

A friend of mine says that the perfect response to a bad turn of events is to say "Ah, so it has come to this..."

"Ah, so it has come to this..." followed by the thunk of the guillotine.

"Ah, so it has come to this..."  followed by the clatter of the gallows door.

Dude's havin' a really bad day.

"Ah, so it has come to this..." followed by your newly minted ex deciding to take up residence in a tent in the back yard.  (Oh, is THAT ever a story!)

"Ah, so it has come to this..."  followed by the amicable termination of a coaching relationship.

I would rather break up with my ex again.  That was an easier decision.

The "this" that it has come to is that my circumstances have changed and we are no longer meeting each others needs.  DW is an elite coach who coaches elite athletes to spectacular finishes.  I am a broken down duck that needs something a lot more basic.  With everything that has happened, this is the last thing I want to be dealing with, but as was probably true with the above speakers in the guillotine, gallows, and tent, sometimes life doesn't take your personal preferences into account.  At least I am not sleeping in a tent.

For those readers who know what I am talking about... your daily laugh was provided by

For those that do not, I promise to post that story.


  1. Ugh, hopefully it was somewhat mutual? After 3-1/2 years I can't imagine doing this stuff without my coach, through thick and thin. But sometimes change IS a good thing, hopefully it will ultimately be for you. Maybe just some good self-directed down time for a bit as you heal and gain strength.

  2. I initiated the decision but he was completely in agreement. I don't know what the future holds and there are a lot of ways I can go with this but I will say that I should not be left to my own devices for too long. I recently compared the way I handle a lack of guidance as being akin to the way a cat handles being locked in a bathroom full of toilet paper rolls.