Thursday, November 15, 2012

Undersea Underpants And Other Adventures

Things that are or look fun to me:

Climbing mountains (not the snow covered kind though.  I hate ice!)

Climbing Rocks

Mountain biking


Trail running (possibly even the Ultra kind)


Going down rivers in all manner of floating things

Diving below the oceans surface

Any of the above in strange, exotic places

I just finished Chrissie's book and what struck me was how functional her fitness was.  She was going and doing intense, crazy things that had nothing to do with training.  There was a point when I was doing things like that (see below!).  Now I seem to be so fragile and limited.  My fitness is all one-dimensional.  I love triathlon but I want to return to a state of being where I can trust my body to answer when I challenge it.  I want to feel strong, fit, and alive.  Right now, I don't feel that way at all.  I feel weak, tight, limited in my movement, painful and achy all over.  I do believe some of that is endocrine malfunction and we are working on getting to that answer.  I am not sure when these changes took place.  It was slow and sneaky for sure, but getting back to feeling alive and strong, indulging my sense of adventure, THAT is now a priority.  Training for triathlon might mean you don't have time for these things but I do not believe that it should mean that you don't have the strength.  Something went wrong.  It was never meant to be this way.
I won't tell you what went through my mind here.

Some waters were cool, some were boiling.
"Don't hand on, you'll trigger a rock slide" he tells us.

Halfway through an all day hike.  Lunch at the largest (second largest?) boiling lake in the world. Boiling Lake, Dominica

That crevice led to a hot, mineral spring.  Only way down? JUMP!

Boulders MUST be climbed.  Trafalgar Falls- Part of Pirates Of The Carribean 2 was filmed here.

Undersea underpants.  Johnny Depp lost something during the filming.

I am forty lbs lighter now but feel half as alive.  These were taken in 2010.

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  1. Great post! After being out for 5 months and not getting to do the races I had planned to do, I am rediscovering some of the things I've missed! I was so focused on my training that I forgot that I love to run, just to run. I forgot how much I love trying new workouts. I also discovered how fun it is to be a coach and help others find their love of running. I also realized how much I've neglected my strength training, ack!