Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Big Reveal!

As you know if you have been reading this blog for a while, I have a trusty steed named Trigger.

He's dependable, safe, hardworking, attractive... but let's face it, he's no thoroughbred.  I have been working the wheels off of him for some time now and he has done his best.

He carried me through learning to clip in, my first tri, my first time placing, my first time trial, countless hours of training and travel all over the country.

  His unassuming posture and kind ride have been ruined by my efforts to achieve an increasingly aero position.  He has been torqed, tweaked, and frankly, tortured, as I have asked this kind everyday mount to perform the duties of a racehorse.

 In fairness to Trigger and with respect to my back which is forever at odds with him, as of today my stable now has a new horse.


 Seabiscuit is a thoroughbred through and through.  He has the pedigree, the looks, the arrogance, the performance record....  yes, that is right!  Seabiscuit has already carried one woman all the way to KONA!!!  Now he is here to teach me how to truly go fast.

I rode him for the first time today and he is a ROCKET!!!  His handling is responsive and lightning fast.  He reminds me in every way of riding a real thoroughbred racehorse, loaded with piss and vinegar, on it's toes and ready to explode from the gate.  Just before you think it, they finish doing it.

One of the reviews I read of this bike, the Felt B2 Pro, described it as "excuse destroying".  That was the review that tipped the decision for me.  No more excuses.  It's GAME ON!!!

And for anyone that is worried about the fate of Trigger, at least for right now, he is safely stabled in my living room next to his new stablemate, enjoying the easier days of semi-retirement.


  1. Beautiful!! That is SO exciting!!!! Having two bikes is really really nice. I wish you and Seabiscuit many happy miles together!

  2. Happy Riding!!! They are both visions of beauty! I still have yet to purchase my own!

  3. I knew it! He's beautiful! Hope you have some great rides ahead of you!