Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lessons From Last Week

This weekend is proving to be slightly lighter than the last, which is good, but it is still a slammed week by normal standards.  I jumped on the trainer tonight for a quick spin and for about 45 mins, felt really weak.  Then it was like my legs finally woke up.  I finally started spinning with some energy and my HR was.. well, at least I had a pulse.  But the biggest part was that I finally started to enjoy it and feel a little desire to work.

What has been startling about this week is the fact that when I dug that deep hole last week and Monday, I buried my motivation, determination, drive, and enthusiasm in it.  It wasn't just my body that went off-line, it was my brain as well.  I am cooling my jets this week and trying to recover physically and mentally.  It does seem to be working though I am surprised by how long it is taking.

DW has been underground for the last two weeks and I will be glad to finally get a chance to go over all of this with him.  I feel like there is a stout lesson here with regards to the big summer horse shows and I would be wise to learn it now.  I head home for a week and then it is off to Michigan followed by Colorado (LOTS of pictures, I promise).  I have my first tri in more than a year a week after I get home.  There will be no room for mistakes like this for the next six weeks.

I am not too worried about my enthusiasm though.  I should have all I need by Thursday.

Still WAITING....


  1. Finally catching up on the blog reading! You have been super busy..sounds like a bit of rest is needed! The suspense is killing me...waiting for Thursday!

    1. ME TOO!!!!! I assume you are suffering through this heat along with me. Props for that!!