Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Run, A Walk, And A Smartphone Goes Swimming

Today I added some length and speed work to my run, with DW's blessing, and had what turned out to be a challenging workout.  The last couple of weeks have been more bike focused and the swim training has stayed pretty steady, so the run was backed off.  I had been on the bike since Sunday and frankly, it wasn't my legs that needed a break.  I decided to switch the run to today, build it up to a harder workout and do the bike/swim tomorrow.  I have to work tomorrow night but it is easier for me to work after a bike and/or swim than a run.  ALSO, it let me dial up the run without risking a flare up in my foot, not to mention reducing the potential for saddle sores.  WinWInWin!!

The run was a 5 mile conversational run.  I added some speed work at five miles and took the whole thing out to seven.  I was hoping to make it to ten which is where I was with speed work just a few weeks ago.  It is truly amazing how not doing the mileage for a couple of weeks can impact my ability to do it at all.  Same with the speed work… it was like I forgot how.  I got to mile 6 after a few little pickups and suddenly I was experiencing something that prior to this I had only read about.  My gut shut down.  I had water and a gel in there and it was not interested.  I felt hypoglycemic but also had an uncomfortable sense of water in my stomach.  Compared to some of my runs, I really hadn't even taken that much water or nutrition but there it was… not going anywhere.

3..2..1… CRAMP.  I nearly doubled over.  I really wished it would just come back up because I knew it would ease the discomfort.  I broke to a walk, and walked slowly for a little while in the shade.  Finally, eventually, with a mighty gurgle and a few good burps, things got moving again.  I gave it a few and slowly began jogging again.  I was able to pick it up a little and turn in another decent mile before I really started to fade.  At that point, I was of the opinion that I had exceeded the assignment by enough and there was little to be gained by going on at a snails pace.  I had accomplished all of my goals today, save one and that one got replaced by pulling it together and getting back in motion after a significant GI issue.  I then walked the FOUR miles back to the car.  It was 100 degrees according to a friends thermometer.

You know, the Town Lake Trail is beautiful when you are not so focused.  I took a couple of great pics and can't post them since I have since dropped my phone in the dogs water bucket.  Ummm… yeah.  Water may roll off a duck's back but it does not roll off her brand new smartphone!

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