Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Patience Is For Grasshoppers. I Am A DUCK!!

It has arrived in Austin.  I went to a local business which is closed on Tuesdays but the tracking info says that that "Murray" signed for it at 10:29 this morning.  I will see it for the first time tomorrow.  I'm six years old and it's Christmas Eve all over again!!  Deep breaths... Patience, Grasshopper!

Now that I have that out of my system (yeah, right), on to the point of this post.  Last week was a tragedy.  It took until Saturday to recover fully.  I really scaled back the workouts, battling both fatigue and mental burnout, even going ballistic with some gluten free banana cake one night.  I focused on rest and remembering the joy of it.  If I didn't want it, I realized that was my body not being ready to go back to work.  

The good news?  It worked.

Saturday night I did a spin on the trainer and while the first 45 mins felt rough, right at the end I began to pick it up and there was a glimmer of hunger there.  I took Sunday off and came back Monday with a vengeance.  I did a LONG ride with a good amount of climbing and was joined by a new riding buddy.  It was nice to try a new route and to not be alone for a change.  I turned right around an hour later and put in a solid (but slow- it was 105 degrees and the pool was probably in the 90's) swim workout.  

What was really significant was bouncing up at 5 this morning to do a run with speed work, immediately followed by a ride with fairly long threshold intervals averaging 23-25 mph.  I never really got to threshold, both because I ran out of gears (and it was SOOO hot) and because my heart rate has been staying really low lately, but the perceived effort was appropriate.  I finished before lunch and temps had already reached 103, a few degrees more on the road.  (It is around 110 now, but I am safely sequestered in the AC for the rest of the day.)  I turned in a solid effort on both workouts.  I feel like a new athlete after some rest.  

 I had to laugh at myself.  I still judge a book by it's cover.  I met this new riding buddy on the Slowtwitch forums and when he rode up to our meeting place I almost died.  He was dead fit, shaved legs, fancy kit, FANCY bike.  He was one of those people that just LOOKED wicked fast.  I was sure I was in over my head.  So sure in fact that I totally panicked when I saw him and considered backing out of the ride.    As it turned out, it was a good ride for both of us.  It's not that he isn't fast, it's that I have gotten much stronger, even on the hills (though I am still not going to be wearing polka dots anytime soon).  I am looking forward to hurting him (and most likely getting a little hurt myself) a bit when I get back from Colorado.

Sunday I leave for Traverse City.  I will say goodbye to triple digit temperatures and say hello to 70's and 80's.  My only regret is that I feel like I have finally started to handle the heat a little better and I will not experience it again for two months.  Then a week after I return to Texas (mid AUGUST) I have a race!!  I will probably really struggle with the heat there if I am not careful.

But tomorrow?  I have to get through tomorrow.  Why?  Because Thursday is right behind it.  10 am Thursday morning the magic will (hopefully) happen!!

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