Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thirty Days

I was looking back over my posts from the not so distant past and realized something.  I blogged and slogged my way through a pretty tough time recently.  I guess I vaguely realized that I was struggling at the time but now that I am in a better head space, I see it by virtue of contrast.

What changed?

Very little.

I am still dealing with all the same stresses: still unable to run, still running the risk of turning into the crazy cat lady if I don't seek out human contact in the new city.  There is, however, one critical difference.  I have strung together nearly thirty days of putting one foot in front of the other in training and in life, thereby making progress in spite of the storm raging on around me (and often inside my head).

No matter how many times in life I go through tough times, doing this one thing remains as difficult as ever.  It is not a big dramatic cure or fix for what is broken and ailing.  It is simply letting time and life do its work.  I guess it is not so different than riding on a windy day.  You probably aren't going fast and it can be totally demoralizing, even dangerous, but if you keep the rubber on the road, the bars pointed forward and turn the crank, you WILL get where you are going.

Happy riding, my friends!

(since I have no flesh and blood readers that I know of, I now have imaginary readers.  Hey!  It makes me happy.)

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