Thursday, November 17, 2011

Revenge is Ice Cream

I went to the pool again today.  After a perfectly acceptable swim (had the lane to myself but would've shared), I went to the bathroom to change.  While I was in there, someone tried the door and found it locked.  As all mature people do, that person then violently jiggled the door... just to be sure.  About fifteen seconds later, they violently shook the door again.  Apparently, the fact that there were other bathrooms and locker rooms was lost on this poor, door-jiggling soul.  And shortly thereafter, yet another attempt that would have made any good tornado proud.

I walked out and set my bag down outside to put my jacket on.  The person in question came storming around the corner, shot some eyeball daggers, then he went into the ladies room and slammed the door.

Did ya see it?  It's right there in the text.  HE went into the LADIES room.  HE felt he had more of a right to be there than I.  HE preferred not to use any of the available restrooms designated to HIS gender.

You ASSHAT**.  You just earned a blog entry.

I then drove to my favorite bike spot and did a few intervals.  I froze my tail feathers off!!  I got back in the car, cranked the heat to 90, and even texted DW:  "Must.. Get.. Warmer.. Cycling.. Clothes!"  Feeling all dedicated and Popsicle like, I checked the temperature.

It was 60 degrees...

I am gonna die this winter.

So in the spirit of the evening, I will leave you with this:

Revenge is sweet.  Revenge is a dish best served cold.  Therefore, revenge is ICE CREAM!

**Big props to the iconic Jen Lancaster for enriching my vocabulary with that perfectly delightful colloquialism.

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