Saturday, November 5, 2011

Slight Backslide in Progress

Well, for all my tough talk, the dog did not encounter a tough cyclist ready for a battle.  Instead I chose the live to fight another day approach and found another road (and another dog, but I saw him first and got out of there).  I finished the week in Tyler a day early and headed home for a few days of R&R before the next adventure.

I am really dismayed that the tendon is acting up a bit.  I have an appointment with a new chiropractor on Monday that has a holistic wellness clinic and I am hoping he has some solid suggestions.  I have been icing since it got cranky but I really wish I knew why.  Nothing is really different this week than last and I can't find an explanation for the problem arising again other than some massage work I had done.  She worked on a lot of adhesions she found in my lower calf which are most likely related to the injury.  This could have caused the slight flare up.  It has been my experience in the past with injuries that breaking up the adhesions can make it seem like the injury has occurred all over again.  Still, the tendon is snapping like it used to which is a tell-tale sign of tendinitis, the starting point of the whole issue.  Hopefully, I am not dealing with a backslide in my progress.

I was just starting to feel optimistic about the possibility of progressing into some running at some point but right now I am having trouble with the pressure from simply swimming.  Running seems a long way off, right now.  Really, I am just tired and being a total pessimist.  Perhaps a little down time and some icing sessions between now and Monday will perk that tendon right up.

In fact, I think that is exactly what I am going to think until proven otherwise.  Otherwise, it just becomes a pity party and I can't stand those!!

Tomorrow is a swim and Monday a bike handling skills session with the coach.  All good stuff...

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