Tuesday, November 8, 2011


ODM:  "Oh, DAMN!" moment.

-moment when you realize that all your best laid plans will have to go awry because of THAT DETAIL that you totally overlooked, and of course, it is far too late to do anything about.

Yesterday, I had a great day.  It included a bike handling skills session with DW and an appointment with a new chiropractor.  The skills session was a blast.  It was like games on bicycles.  We did it in a field so the fear of road rash was eliminated making me willing to test the boundaries a lot more.  I had a blast!  And came away a lot more comfortable with my bike.  I didn't really feel like I was uncomfortable.  But now I know that I can stabilize the bike while doing a variety of fairly drastic movements and it opened my eyes to a level of precision that I certainly did not have.  More practice is in order, but since it is a lot of fun, I suspect that won't be hard to accomplish.

Immediately afterwards, I went to an appointment with a new chiropractor.  His practice is a part of a wellness group focused on athletes.  His approach was very different but I get the impression that he may be able to get me on the road to an injury free athletic life.  His techniques for the repetitive motion injuries to my hands, while not pleasant during, have produced a greater range of motion than I have had in two years.  We ran out of time and so I am scheduled to go back today so that he can work on the tendon.  Hope springs eternal!!

I am almost giddy with the possibilities I see right now.  I feel like DW is a very good fit and his willingness to persevere with the old injuries and the scheduling difficulties makes me very hopeful about the future.  I found that the Doc had the same attitude.  The challenges my situation presented weren't barriers, just logistical problems to be solved.  If I can go forward with good training, stay healthy and have the support necessary to find my way through the tough times, I have high hopes for my future as an athlete.

On the heels of that success, I scrubbed my kitchen floor, made a meal loaded with natural anti-inflammatories, drank LOTS of water, and concluded the day with a cup of tea.  Do you know what is missing from this list?

Plug in the Garmin Overlord.

Take the trash cans to the curb.

Thus setting the stage for this mornings series of ODM's!!

Looks like I will have to do an afternoon workout and avoid throwing things away for another week.  Fortunately, the world will not end over either of these things.  Besides, now I have time to write.

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