Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Runs like a Turkey!

Last year at this time, I was in South Carolina enjoying the holiday with some of my very favorite family folks.  In a moment of inspiration (insanity?), we decided to enter a turkey trot as a team.  Perhaps we finished last but there was an awful lot of winning going on that day.  It is the only time I can remember doing something so positive and active as a family.  My mother completed her first 5k on two artificial hips and got her t-shirt, side by side with her sister.  My uncle was at the finish rooting for me as I crossed and we were there for my other aunt.   It was really pretty cool.  It made for a memorable, wonderful holiday.

I also got to watch a dude dressed in a full turkey suit blow by my, followed by a giant headed pilgrim.  Really?  Did they find Kenyans to wear the costumes?  I am forced to the conclusion that while ducks may not embody ideal running form, turkeys and pilgrims are clearly part greyhound.  Maybe someday I can rename this blog "Runs Like A Turkey!"  Of course, right now I'd be pretty thankful to run at all.

This year I am enjoying some downtime at home with the pups.  After the grueling year I have had and looking forward to another very intense one, I am choosing to be thankful for a day on the couch wrapped in a blanket.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

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