Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pee On A Tree, Not A Lane!

Went to my new favorite pool today for an easy swim and asked two ladies if I could rotate in with them as all of the lanes had at least two swimmers and they appeared to be of an intermediate level.  It was a formality since every posted sign informs you of the requirement to share lanes.

No?  REALLY?  WTF!!!

You can't circle swim because you... did I hear correctly... have a bad shoulder?  That is like saying you can't drive on the same highway because I have a bad knee.  How is that relevant?  In what convoluted way do these two things relate to each other in your feeble brain?

Cows, one and all.

Fortunately, the advanced swimmers, who while they were a fair bit better than me, were more than happy to share.  We circled and when necessary, they passed.  Not rocket science, and in no way, debilitating to a bad shoulder.