Saturday, December 31, 2011

Blue Ridge Vistas and Happy New Year

I am staying a few days with MVF, The Cycling Fiend, and she led the way this morning on a fiendish ride in the Blue Ridge region of North Carolina.  I have a new respect for the fortitude of the people who venture out on two wheels in this area.

First, let me say, there is nothing quite like climbing a hill that makes you whimper and as it curves you see that you are really at the bottom.  The rest of it reaches the outer layers of the atmosphere!

Second, I have never spent quite that much time in my (ahem) granny gear with my heart rate so high it could have acted as a metronome for an aspiring speed metal musician.

Most importantly, I found out what it means to get to the top of that hill and have 360 degree views of the mountains and valleys.  TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!!!

Take a look.  (Please forgive my very old phones interpretation of majestic views.  Also, in fairness, two were taken from the car because some of the shots are a little hard to get when you are hurtling back towards earth!!)

Today is a good day to RIDE!!!!!!!!!


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