Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sleepy. Bendy. Duck-y!

This morning I had to wait for almost four hours for my last two horses to arrive at the show grounds.  I knew this in advance.  Going home was out of the question as I have a 200 mile round trip commute to work this week, but I had better plans.  I had located the local YMCA pool (2.7 miles from the show and happy to let me swim for a modest drop in fee) and packed my swim gear.  I was all ready to enjoy an excellent, productive morning... the result of superb time management and dedication to my training.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

What did I do?  Did I do my workout?  Nope.  I curled up into a ball on the front seat of my SUV and slept.  Yes, it was intentional.  I was tired.  I planned a thirty minute nap before heading to the Y.  Instead,  I hit snooze for three and a half hours while I napped sitting behind the wheel with my head on the armrest. (My chiropractor can go ahead and buy that new sports car.)

I am now having to rearrange the end of the week to accommodate the fact that I did not make it to the pool during one of the few opportunities the weeks schedule offers.   I am going to enjoy every moment of the confession to DW as to why I totally rearranged to schedule.  Fortunately for my guilty conscience, DW is pretty convinced that I am going to suddenly implode due to my pathetic sleep patterns (it's possible) and never challenges me when I choose sleep over, well, anything.

I suspect that all those super productive gazelle-like athletes (see gazelle and lima bean criteria in original post) would not have chosen to sleep in the car.  They would have gone to the Y and later, slept in a bed like a sane human.  Perhaps that is why I am not a gazelle.  Perhaps that is why I do not qualify as sane (or arguably, human).

What puzzles me is that I had last week off and spent the whole week tossing and turning.  Now that I am back to work and my sleep patterns have been obliterated,  I sleep like a corpse packed in a suitcase.  Oh well, at least I am getting some sleep.  That's no small thing in this duck's pond.

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