Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pheidippides Wore Hot Pink!

This week makes few demands of my time, though it still demands much of my patience and cold tolerance.  Consequently, DW is pushing me a bit more physically and there are several double workouts on the books.  Today I have a somewhat challenging swim workout and a light run.  Since the last one happened without too much consequence, I get to try again today.  Hopefully, this time I will not try to break the sound barrier (HAHAHAHAHA) and do the run as light and easy as I am supposed to.  Also the sun is bright today so I may be able to get away with fewer colors and avoid being reported as an escapee from the local institution.

I had a thought about running in crazy colors.  It is OK.  It is even cool.  It is somewhat desirable.... IF you are fast.  Fast people wear neons and sometimes run in their underwear.  Fast people look good regardless of their combinations of shorts and knee high compression socks.  Fast people can combine colors and fabrics in visually abusive ways, even getting away with things like polka dots.  The fashion police give you a bye if you streak by looking like the logo for a floral delivery service.

SO, if you need to don your curtains to stay warm, just make sure that anytime you go past a car your form and foot turnover make you look fast and really pick up the pace if there is a pedestrian nearby.  It doesn't matter if you turn the corner and have to cling to a tree trunk for ten minutes to catch your breath, your dignity will be intact.