Friday, December 2, 2011

The Same Old Question

I suppose that DW will get to answer this question the next time I talk to him.  I probably should pose it to him today while it is fresh... but I won't. I know (because his wife blogs... sneaky way of keeping tabs on the one keeping tabs on me.  When, you ask, will I apply my superior mental resources to something grand?  Like world domination?  More on that after I figure out how to un-kink my neck.  See previous post.) that he is out of town doing important coach and family things.  P'raps he is not paying attention.  (Riiight.  I'm so sure.)  Thankfully, he does not read this blog.

The question that I keep coming back to is when is it right to say "I'm tired.  It is better to rest than get this workout done" and when do I say "Suck it up Princess!  You are always tired and you've got to get used to it sometime!"

I blogged about my bendy nap taking the place of a workout the other day.  Monday, which is a day off from work, I literally slept half the day.  I was totally exhausted so my swim lesson, which was more intense than usual, was the only workout that day.  The problem is that I am barreling down to the end of the week, the busiest part and I am a full day behind in my workouts and operating on 3 1/2 hours of sleep for today.  I already replaced my day off with Monday's bike intervals.     I will get today's workout done today and tomorrow's done tomorrow if I am disciplined.  Time will be short and sleep will be shorter.  I could, conceivably, hit the pool after I work tonight before I drive home.  The concern though is that I will dig myself into another hole, sleep and energy-wise.

Sunday night, I leave for a 2000 mi drive that needs to be completed in two and a half days.  I will be the only driver and I will be towing a trailer for 1200 miles of it.  This is going to be exhausting.  DW has kindly given me three days off, and is allowing me to just get whatever exercise I can along the way.

I would claim extenuating circumstances and not worry about the workout but this is my life, my job.  This kind of thing is normal.  I am on the road 30-40 weeks a year.  I MUST find a way to manage my life with my athletic pursuits.  If lawyers and doctors and wall street types, many of whom work very long hours and are under tremendous stress, can train for 140.6 successfully, then surely I can pull of putting an aerobic fitness base on my body.  Few of my workouts exceed 70 mins right now.  I only see two in a day if I have several days off in a row.  DW has given me license to judge my own exhaustion levels.

I understand that one workout will not make or break my program, but it seems like every week I am making allowances, making changes, etc.  If I continue to be in the habit of not being in the habit, of not pushing through when it is harder, I won't have the fortitude to get the job done when it does matter.  When the intensity is dialed up and missing or rearranging workouts changes the effect they have within the program.  AND... if I don't get the consistency, I may never get fit enough for it to matter.  Then all of this is wasted effort, even if it is fun.  I may as well just do 30-45 mins of cardio and call it a day.

That is all the whining I have time for today.  Tic Toc... time to get on the bike before I end up with another workout I need to make up!!

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