Sunday, December 11, 2011

Color Makes You FAST!!! (max pace 2:36? HA!)

Yep.  The Garmin Overlord is doing some serious drugs.  I know for a fact that ducks cannot, even for a moment, move that fast.  Not even ducks from Kenya.  I would have to be getting chased by a giant, hungry cheetah.  Seriously, it also tried to tell me I had a max pace of 4:34 in another interval.  I was trying to run easy so I think it is just trying to mess with my head.

Let me tell you about the running outfit.  First, realize that since the beginning of my running career, I lived and trained in South Florida (except for July-August) so I have not had a need for much cold weather running gear.  So when I head out in twenty-something degrees, I simply layer everything I have.    The look goes like this:

Electric green shoes
Matching electric green knee high socks
Black capris (over more black capris)
Hot pink turtleneck rash guard
Black pullover
Mustard yellow vest
Blue ear warmer
One Multi colored striped glove (white, tan, blue, green)
One sock (red, grey, white snowflakes)worn as a mitten
One orange Garmin Overlord

Yeah, baby!  It was hot!

I tried to get a nice family to take a picture but they hurried away as I jogged up to them.  Fortunately, since that is my only cold weather running outfit, there will be other photo ops.  I promise not to leave NJ without posting one.

Oh, and another thing....

Did you notice?

It's pretty cool.

It... was... a....  RUN!!

Tonight was my first run since the injury.  I felt pretty good and really had fun (even if the fashion police were scrambling to get there).  Fingers crossed that there is no soreness later or tomorrow.

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