Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas Eve!!

The holidays come with it's own unique set of struggles.  We are faced with food challenges, scheduling challenges, stress, anxiety, traffic and weather, not to mention that we crawl inside our emotional baggage and try on every pair of underwear stored inside.  Training through this can be difficult  A COMPLETE NIGHTMARE!!  It can also be the best way to alleviate the stress of the season.

I remember when all I wanted for Christmas was a pony.

 Now I name bikes after famous ponies and, so I guess very little has changed!

 In lieu of that, I can at least give myself a little kindness.  When DW asked if I needed any of these days off this week, I said no.  It adds a little bit of a scheduling challenge but it also means that I will carve out time from the day to be good to ME!  It means that part of each day will be spent in service to my own well being.  For one hour today, I will stop being someone else's someone/something and only be myself.  Then I can dive right back into the madness.

If you can this season, give yourself the best gift you can.  Take a little bit of time to devote to your own well-being.  It doesn't have to be a workout.  Walk the dog, hide in a room and read a book for a half hour, take an extra long bath, whatever.

Be your own personal Santa!!

Give yourself a gift.  




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